Singapore Math Mentor


I currently work as the Math Curriculum Coordinator for an independent elementary school outside of Boston, MA. I implemented Singapore Math successfully at the school in 2009. I consult with and train independent and public schools in Singapore Math implementation and teaching strategies. I have taught a graduate level course in Model Drawing to area teachers.

About Me

Kevin Mahoney M.Ed

Academic researcher

Math Curriculum Coordinator

  1. First academic researcher in the United States to investigate Singapore’s approach to problem-solving

  1. 20 years elementary teaching experience

  1. Seasoned presenter, trainer, facilitator and math coach


In the Autumn of 2012, I completed a Doctoral degree in Curriculum and Instruction at Northeastern University. My dissertation research was focused on Singapore’s Model Method and its effects on American elementary students’ performance in problem solving. The work is the first academic research ever published in the United States on the topic of Singapore’s Model Method.

Doctoral Research