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Adopting some or all of Singapore’s math curriculum can be a daunting decision. Much has been written about the curriculum from the 30,000 foot viewpoint. Few have actually had administrative and classroom experience with the program, coupled with academic research. Choosing the best textbook option out of the several now available is also a key decision along your adoption path. I can bring classroom experience and academic research to your decision-making process.

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Research shows that Singapore Math is most successfully implemented only when accompanied by thorough teacher and parent training. The best training will deepen content knowledge while developing a powerful implementation plan. I have worked with teachers on the following topics, and can tailor training modules to your specifications.

Implementation Planning: Preparing for Singapore Math instruction requires more from teachers than they may be used to with other programs. I provide structures and tips that will help teachers succeed in their first year of adoption. I use workshops, observations and demonstration lessons tailored to your school’s needs.

Materials: Helping teachers take best advantage of the various Singapore Math textbooks, workbooks and teaching guides available.

Techniques: Model drawing, place value and mental arithmetic strategies are among the powerful tools used by Singaporean teachers with their students. I have taught many to use these tools, no matter what curriculum they currently use. TEC Model Drawing Course

Parent Communication: Educating parents about the similarities and differences between Singapore’s curriculum and typical American math programs requires thoughtful planning. I make presentations to parent groups, or can coach your team in their own presentations.

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